Brain-Based Trainings

1-Day Give A Breath A Hand



Learn how brain-based hypnotherapy is being used to reprocess traumatic memories and update implicit meanings.

In his new book “The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma” Bessel VanDerKolk writes, “it is likely that hypnosis, in some form will make a comeback”.

During this special 1-day Advanced Brain-Based Hypnotherapy training those with prior hypnosis basics training can hone advanced skills and confidence.

  • Explore the benefits of going beyond hypnotic relaxation interventions to target an increase in brain responsiveness, and open brain for change (updating).
  • Learn when and how to use hand inductions.
  • Get comfortably confident integrating hypnotic techniques that use the hand into sessions when creating transforming trauma experiences.
  • Gain more skill and therapeutic presence to engage the whole brain and maximize session results.

Basic hypnosis is a prerequisite for this advanced hypnosis training.

Ideal Add-on To Neuroscience Keys to Transforming Trauma - 2 Day Training - click here to learn more >